Staff hit streets for wheelie great cause


East Gippsland Shire Council staff are continuing their support for an invaluable community service ...

Looking to get back on track

6th Mar

THE state government has been called on to provide its support to better maintain the Grand Strzelec...

Victoria SES sees decade-long surge in women joining the volunteer emergency service

28th Feb

Providing emergency assistance and supporting other vital services has led to the number of women vo...

Local honour is special

21st Feb

While Cowarr resident Helen Hoppner's commitment to the flourishing of small communities in Gippslan...

Boomerang bag revolution

21st Feb

THERE is a quiet revolution going on in Stratford to rid the world, or at least a small part of it, ...

Breakfast cheer for Trafalgar’s volunteers

21st Feb

A tireless volunteer at the Trafalgar East Hall, Bill Ringin, and 2018 Trafalgar High School captain...

Potter walks the walk

2nd Jan

A Budgeree woman has won a volunteer and charity award as part of the Mrs Australia Continent beau...

St John volunteer awarded for 32 years of service

2nd Jan

ST John Ambulance Victoria volunteer Ann Payne has been recognised for her long standing servic...

Volunteers need a helping hand

2nd Jan

Moe’s St Vincent de Paul welfare centre has issued a desperate plea for more volunteers as the...

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